Kinkaleri has been involved for years in artistic research investigating the
transversal and relational nature of performative processes and of a variety
of codes and vocabularies. With Pinocchio, the eclectic company ventures
into a new project relating directly to childhood. Inspired by the
ever-popular tale by Collodi, this performance for children between 4 and 8
years of age (but not only) reworks the traces and plots of the story
intertwining them according to unexpected logics. Linear narrative is here
replaced by a fairy-tale imagery filled with apparitions, transformations and
spells which represent a fragile, suspended world, which can generate
amazement and enchantment.

project conceived and produced by: Kinkaleri cardboard
objects: Davide Calvaresi with the contribution of: Assessorato alla Cultura della
Provincia di Prato in collaboration with: Fondazione Toscana Spettacolo with the support of: SRS Regione Toscana, MiBAC – Dipartimento dello Spettacolo

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