detailing exactly how fn works in practice.

it's great to be able to change your volume and brightness and whatever on the fly with your fn keys. it's not so great when working in programs like Maya and After Effects where you really need those keys to act as normal fn keys, to change menu sets, and other things.

that is what "fn" is for. an easy way to switch a system preference in one click. that is all.

I like to keep it in my dock so whenever I need to switch that preference I can do it quickly, you can also put it in your Finder toolbar if you are a freaking nerd.

it will most likely only work with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and later. If you don't have Leopard I guess the cost is $FREE+$129 = Go buy Leopard. It is obviously worth it just to run this App alone.

let me know if (when) you have any problems.

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