This is a special recording of the JPR11 Closing Episode 343.5

There is a point five in the episode number, because it is usually published by the JavaPosse very soon after the roundup finishes.

Recorded at the JavaPosse Round Up 2011 on Friday 25th February in Crested Butte, Colorado, USA

Featuring the following folk in no special order:

Andrew Harmel-Law
Anton Prevosti
Bill Robertson
Brian Gray
Carl Quinn
Chris Marinos
Chris Marks
Chris Mihalcik
Chris Phelps
D. J. Hagberg
Dianne Marsh
Fred Simon
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford
Handerson Gomes
Hugh McKee
Jim Hurne
Joe Sondow
Joe Nuxoll
Joel Neely
Justin Fleck
Justin Ryan
Marek Radonsky
Matt Zimmer
Michael Barker
Paul Truax
Peter Pilgrim
Ryan Waterer
Shane Ebersole
Ståle Undheim
Tomasz Stechly

If I have missed anybody by name and got your name actually wrong then please accept my responsibility for the error(s).

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the name of the game


Produced by Peter A. Pilgrim
Java Champion, Designer, Developer and Architect
Financial Services / IT , London, England




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