Ain't they so cute :)
Lol, well I think so anyway...I love how Francesco - AKA Frank, kisses Elianne at the altar with such tenderness - and she has the most divine innocence as she smiles back.

So to their story. Elianne was referred to us by her cousin Pierre & his beautiful wife Mary. We filmed Mary & Pierre last year and it was a natural following that all the best suppliers were people that Frank & Elianne enquired about. Leading to their day was hectic and these two planned such an amazing wedding. All I can say was that it was a full reception celebration...fireworks, dancers and off course our Same Day presentation.

Celebrating their wedding day at Sacred Heart in Kew Melbourne, with their reception at the Ashton Manor.
In was uber cool to have Peter Szilveszter from Living Lens join us and photographer Jodie from Field of Vision.

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