When i was little, in Beirut, Lebanon, where dad was Ambassador, Emira Yolande Chehab gave me my first french Tintin book, "Le secret de la licorne". Reading it in bed at dawn transported me to a new world of adventures. Hence the Tintin, Harvey comics, Mad, & Disney collections, inspiring my own personally created comicbooks i spent months drawing & selling to my new classmates in Greece, much to my mother's horror, who confiscated them & forbade me to draw because of my school grades. It wasn't till high school I discovered Hustler Humor and haven't stopped laughing since (except for racist/ gross out jokes etc.). Any bookstore's graphic novel section pales & fails in comparison.

Such unusual, twisted adolescent/ adult humor improved my perception, wit & creativity to be a notable writer/ satirist/ humorist/ comedian/ artist/ cartoonist. The cartoon compilation seen below was removed by youtube & hosted by Vimeo & Dailymotion. Youtube's unfair, hypocritical, discriminatory censorship & ANTI COMPETITIVE DOUBLE STANDARD OLIGOPOLY of waay more sexually explicit art includes fat cat oligarch smut peddlers Seth McFarlane family guy, Robert Crumb, Johnny Ryan & ∞ INFINITE adult sex cartoon comic type search results & related videos.

So let's put a parental advisory you must be over 18+ to view, which youtube fails to do & without further ado.. dear reader, behold, i give you.. Geo Godley's unique UNCENSORED artwork! (almost!) (blurred & censored PG-13 version- what a gentleman compared to youtube's non age restricted hardcore porn seen below.. how low can they go) gradually posted over time curated from historic archives for your viewing pleasure, disgust, or b☺th ahahahaaah who has the last laugh n☺w.. huehuehue.. take that, cheating, conniving, failed oligarchs of adult free expression!

More insane contradiction: Youtube monetizes & partners my videos but not the channel, yet some anonymous youtube employee removes my “CONTEMPORARY ART SEX CARTOONS PG-13” video a year after it was posted losing my witty description (should save metadata!). More discriminatory censorship: overpromoted youtuber Shane Dawson uses the word “fuck” in front of minors in his videos. Seth Mcfarlaine uses explicit sex in his “family guy” cartoons getting infinite youtube views. Timmy de la gateau has skeet semen squirts on his t-shirts and everyone talks about explicit sex. Yet the rest of us are censored for the exact same stuff- and less. You’ll notice i blurred & covered up. Time to start posting elsewhere like amazon, ebay, hulu, blip tv, ustream, vimeo, xtube, you porn, your own website, & affiliates. Also traditional media & publishing- Youtube’s loss, their gain..

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