What is Project Sticker map?

It´s a Mobile Blog project, that has made a photographic mapping of Sticker intervention on Av. Paulista, (São Paulo, Brazil) during the months of August, September and October 2008.

How was it done?

The photos were all taken from a Nokia N95 cellular phone. This device has the capabilities of to capture images, position them through GPS, and share them in a mobile fashion.
The initial idea, was to use only the Wi-Fi network available at Av. Paulista to upload the images in real time, however, a 3G connection was also used for this purpose.
To enhance this process, a cell phone application called Shozu was used to automatically add a “geotag” to the images, and post them.
The GPS coordinates were based on data from Nokia Map.
As a second step, an intervention was done on the Avenue using QR codes in sticker form. All the registry points received a sticker with a QR code on it that redirects the user who captures it to the URL of the Flickr page.

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