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Story Pitch
The feature-film idea "Once Upon A Time In The City" is about prejudices a lot of people have to deal with today.
Here shown on a case in the drug milieu.

The small fish drug dealer Jimi lost all his money and unfortunately his memory of the time when the money dissapeared.
But he is sure that he got ripped off. And he is sure by whom, suspecting Mushtaq, the big bad Arab who is a drug dealer too and who wants to outdo every competitor.
Are Jimis suspicions true or is nothing like it seems?

In this special scene Jimi has to tell his boss Fathi what has happened. It's a very important scene for Jimi because it's the last scene before his adventure of finding the truth, and in a deeper way the truth about himself, really begins.
With the metaphor of eating hot food he gets prepared by Fathi for the hard way that lays in front of him and after that food scene, at the end of the entire scene, he gets a deadline from Fathi so that there's no escaping anymore.

For the viewer it's such an important scene because they get a summarized view of what has happened so far and what it's all about.
Unfortunately 3:59 is not enough time to show the entire scene. But it's still fun so... enjoy!

Cast & Crew
Jimi - Christopher Bosma
Fathi - Erkan Acet

Written, produced, filmed, directed and edited by Sebastian Westphal

Location - Akasia Kebap Haus Luebeck, Germany
Thanks to Murtaza Mutlu

Background music - Tanburi Cemil Bey

I've packed in my backpack...
Canon EOS 60d
Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX DC
Sennheiser MKE 400 Shotgun Mic
Bilora 936 Video Pro Doppelprofilo Tripod
Some extra light

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