I have wanted to start a personal growth and motivational website for several years. Ever since I was a teenager, each night before I fall asleep, I take10-15 minutes to collect my thoughts and reflect on what has happened during the day. This way I soak in what I have learned, accomplished, and what I need to work on to make my life better. It is a focus point and also gives me a sense of completeness, knowing I have done the best I could that day. There is always room for improvement and the next will bring opportunities to learn, to grow, to experience new things.

I promised myself that when the time was right, I would begin writing and sharing my ideas and experiences with others. Now I feel the timing couldn’t be better and my motivation is stronger than ever before.

No longer just a collection of my dreams, I intend to make it a reality!

I share all of these things with you because it’s what’s in my heart. I intend to keep learning from my every contact with others and offer a distillation of my knowledge and experience to others. I hope you will join me on this journey.

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