This film was made for the International Documentary Challenge in five days.

Here is the pitch for the feature:
Charles smiles as he signs clause three on his contract, agreeing to an immediate burial at sea if he “croaks”. Some people would call it insane to try and row across the Atlantic Ocean unassisted especially at his age, but 61 year old Charles Wilkins would simply call it the adventure of a lifetime.

The spirit of adventure and competition is alive in Charlie and the Roc Expedition crew as they prepare to set a new world record for team rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. They will attempt an unassisted crossing of the Atlantic in 30 days, unencumbered by the luxuries of bottled water, hot meals and perhaps most importantly safety. There’s no follow boat, tracking helicopter or standby medical team just a crew of 16 rowers with nothing to rely on but each other.

The boat is called The Big Blue and it was designed specifically to shave three days off the current world record. Their skipper is Angela Madsen, a 50 year old paraplegic grandmother of three but don’t let her appearance fool you. In 2008 she was the first paraplegic woman to row 3000 miles across the Atlantic and has broken numerous records since then. The Roc Expedition crew is composed of 14 unique individuals from a 21 year old student to a 46 year old emergency physician.

Charlie is the fish out of water. While the rest of the team have had extensive training Charlie only began getting into shape in 2009 and he’s at least twice the age of the youngest crew member. Life is But a Dream will follow Charlie and the crew as they train at home and with each other in New York preparing for one of the most challenging expeditions on the planet while cutting 3 entire days off the world record.

The journey will be captured by a small solar powered and waterproof camera which will act as a journal for the crew during their crossing. For 30 days in total isolation the crew will live off freeze dried nuts, oats and boxes full of Cliff bars. The team will start in Morocco and hopefully reach the sandy shores of Barbados 30 days later. From there we’ll recount the adventure with what can only be described as post traumatic interviews with the team.

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