What's the common point between Paris Hilton First Sex Tape,
E.T, The French Revolution, Bob Marley, Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg , Robert de Niro and the first time a man landed the moon ?
You'll discover here in my latest short movie called :

Directed by hero

More on = designhero.tv

Official selection at :

- Croq'Anime, Paris (France)
- Tindirindis, Vilnius (Lituania)
- Golden Kuker, Sofia (Bulgaria)
- Multivision, St. Petersburg (Russia)
- Kinofest, Bucharest (Romania)
- Anima, Brussels (Belgium)
- Cortoons, Rome (Italy)
- Animabasque (Bilbao)
- festival Magma (New Zeeland)
- Holland Animation Film Festival 2012, (holland)
- iShorts, Prague (Czech Republic)
- the 40' Festival of Nations (Czech Republic)
- Melbourne international animation festival (Australia).
- Clipaward, Mannheim (Germany)
- Bermudashorts (Germany)
- Klick Festival (amsterdam)
- MUMIA Underground animation Festival (Brazil)
- Pause Festival (Melbourne)

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