transmediale 2011
Panel: Ludic Salon: Shaping Play Spaces within Media Cultures, K1, 06.02.2011 11:00-14:00

For some time now, an increasing conjecture of play and playfulness has been unfolding in media art and digital culture. It is high time to take this diagnosis seriously and have a closer look at current aesthetic positions, strategies and artworks with the terminological instruments of ludology – the transdisciplinary science of play and games. Even the title of the transmediale.11 – RESPONSE:ABILITY – speaks of a fundamental polarity of play, which always encompasses passive enthrallment and active displays of skill. Thus Ludic Interfaces invites the public to partake in a playful salon, in which the meta-reflective potential of ludology for contemporary media art will be tested in an interactive dialogue.
In the first hour, ludological theses will be put forward and explained using examples from the transmediale.11. In the second hour, prototypes and process from the CODED CULTURES workshop, which is centred on playing with invisible urban networks, will be presented and collectively discussed. In the last hour, the results of the A MAZE. workshop, which focuses on the forms of embodiment in contemporary gaming culture and their ethical implications, will be introduced and debated. The conceptual thread of the salon is the ludic. But, what is being played in each specific case? What is being risked? Who or what is being played with? And who is playing?

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