We know that SI needs some good fracturing tools, in some work this Anti-Fracture method may well suffice, so we posted it.

Anti-fracture, is the opposite of fracturing is what we call box-packing.

Because of Momentum 2.0 and emflock 1.0 for the first time its possible to generate organic results easily. Think of it like this, you fill the box with wood chips and a stick of dynamite. Insanity but fun :)

You can change the initial cube to ANY shape you want, and the explosion boxes can be instanced shapes of ANY kind.

What's interesting to see is the organic way the purely simulated explosion grows and how streamers and ground debris appear. All of this was done by adding literally just a few of Momentum's 2.0 ICE compounds to an existing tree.

All of those rigid bodies are computed actually faster than show here as the screen capture is running, on a lightweight system.

Also I slowed the playback down so you could clearly see how they bounce, spin, slide and impact.

You might notice that some penetrate the obstacle box, that's not a Momentum 2.0 issue. That's us being tardy, using an quick and dirty calculation for the flock / Momentum ratio, we made this very quickly, but the results are definitely worthwhile.

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