Official music video for Pete Anderson & The Archives, 1991.
A song from the musical movie "Rock'n'roll in Baltic", Latvia, no computers, just film!
Filmed on old Soviet 35 mm SVEMA film stock, cameras KONVAS, ARRIFLEX & RAPID
Scenario - Pete Anderson, Igors Linga & Aigars Grauba
Directed by Igors Linga & Aigars Grauba
Cinematographer - Andris Damburs
Designer - Martins Milbrets
Cast- Janis Gaveika and "ROCKABILLY REBELS COW"
Jump, Jive An' Wail (words & music by Louis Prima)
Thanks to "ROCKABILLY REBELS COW" also for the organization of the "ARCHIVES" clip!

It's slightly possible that you have seen a very similar video clip by somebody famous in 1999. Same song, similar premises, same main dancers' clothing, half-dressed waitress, boy & girl watching the show, arrival in the vintage car, similar shooting angles, structure of the scenes in the video, identical general feeling, etc.?
Ain't there too many similarities?
Feel free to make your own conclusions about it!

Original 9-piece „Pete Anderson & The Archives" band from Latvia included three saxophones, which expanded to 11-piece with the addition of a trumpet and a trombone in its line-up, had successfully toured all over Europe in late 1980's and early 1990's. It can be argued, that this band preceded the resurgence of the swing revival sound by years, making it their own distinctive style they used to call „BRASS-A-BILLY" -- combining "rockabilly" with swing music "brass" instruments. These guys are well-known in Europe, but American audiences unfortunately are not too familiar with them...
Režisori - Igors Linga, Aigars Grauba
Operators - Andris Damburs
Operatora asistents un otrais operators - Jānis Eglītis
Mākslinieks - Mārtiņš Mīlbrets
Galvenajā lomā - Jānis Gaveika ( kaskadieris)
Klips no k/f " Rokenrols Baltijā" , 1991.
Filmēts uz 35 mm padomju kinofilmas SVEMA
Filmēšanas vieta - VEF Kultūras pils, Baltā zāle, darbs vienas nakts garumā!
- kā arī, Benjamiņa nams, Majoros
Dziesma ierakstīta studijā "MELODIJA"
Skaņu režisors - Māris Lācis
Īpašs paldies "ROCKABILLY REBELS COW" par šī klipa filmēšanas organizāciju!

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