Little Sisters (premiere)
By Rosanna Gamson
with Cameron Evans, Lauren Frias, Janaye McAlpine, Megan McCarthy, Angelica Olivares, Shane Raiford
Understudies: Kristyn Archibald, Gisele Johnson
Music by Bruno Louchouarn
Lighting: DK
Costumes by Lilia Lopez

The Erinyes, or Furies (“the angry ones’) were Greek deities who relentlessly pursued the guilty, driving them to madness. They were born immediately after Aphrodite, from the same father. In an attempt to appease the Erinyes, they were referred to only as the Eumenides (“the gracious ones”) and given red dresses. Special thanks Denielle Grey, Laurence Blake, Catch Me Bird (Derrick and Nehara), and Alexandria Yalj; and somewhat ambivalent thanks to Tom Curitore and Miriam Conner.

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