A short documentary about youth, politics and the Australian government!

Starring Emma Buckley-Lennox and Phoebe Sheehy
By Carolina Fonseca and Ramon Watkins
With thanks to Lydia Taylor and Caleb Ellis

I don't think it was exported right, because it seems to be missing the actual title that comes up. Will try to fix it up soon! Also, feel free to skip the first minute.

“Kids These Days” is a short documentary where a charismatic 19-year-old girl, passionate about politics, attempts to convince her apathetic and cynical housemate about the importance of voting. The documentary aims to explore the issue of youth apathy and the current state of the Australian government through the contrasting stories and views of the two young women, Emma Buckley Lennox and Phoebe Sheehy. It will document the challenge that Emma faces and how she tackles it (at times humorously), as well as look deeply at their relationship, their views on politics and how youths are represented in politics. After an inconclusive election that left Australia in “political limbo” for 17 days, the documentary will provide an insight into what this year's election has revealed about the youth of Australia.

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