With the first of the days with temperatures above freezing I get pretty hopeful about spring. These are some of those tiny moments that point to the inevitability of the warmer weather.

Of course, in reverse it's the opposite.

All shot over the past couple weeks for submission to the Gizmodo video challenge. My Nikon D80 rides on a home made timelapse dolly rig. The rails are hardware store aluminum tubes and cut up Ikea furniture. The sled uses surplus store ball bearings and U-bolts. The whole thing is driven and held in sequence by an Arduino with the Adafruit motor shield. The stepper motor (from an old pen plotter) winds its way along the string to pull the sled in 0.5mm increments between firings of the shutter.

Many thanks to Matt Makauskas for writing the music.

Similar video with a different type of motion (rotation)



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