Stocktown X South Africa
Beyond the stereotypical daily reporting on violence, AIDS and safari tours, Swedish based directors Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft set out to capture the creative street vibes of South Africa. On their first stop to Capetown and Johannesburg , they meet up with the heavy metal band Ree-burth , The Soweto Style setters Smarteez with their colorful street savy fashion to video gamers label 2bop to the limpop music genre innovator Gazelle and many many more.

Welcome to a road movie by Stocktown presenting another perspective from the young creative forces around big cities in Africa.

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Filmlength: 28min, english subtitles
Worldpremier: 26 March 2011 Cinemafrica festival Stockholm
Directors: Teddy Goitom & Benjamin Taft
Editors: Benjamin Taft,Dimitris Vulalas, Ivan Spee
Graphics: Robin Ekemark
Music by : Daniel Savio Dirty Paraffin, WillRock
Sound design: Jakob Myrman

In 2003 the first Stocktown documentary was produced. A collage of streetculture and urban inventionsfrom Japan, USA, Australia and Europe. Now we proudly present a new upcoming Tv series from Africa, where we will seek out the same creative forces in Africa´s four point of the compass. An inspiring and surprising adventure that will turn your view of the continent upside down!

Stocktown is a trademark run by the Swedish organization Roots dedicated to documenting urban culture worldwide.
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Trailer music: Dirty Paraffin - OKSHARP!MALUMKOOLKAT

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