Where's my cave? my sanctuary of rest?

I just enjoyed a pizza at the nice little square.. Now dwelling through the maze of Sassi. Completely lost in this dark labyrint of alleys, stairs little squares. Wasn't I here already 15 min ago? no clue! It's only 500 meters distance from the square but already wandering around for at least 45 min.

Ah finally there I recognize a familiar sign. My cave is near. What a saviour!

Now I can settle back. A hot shower and under the sheets. Drifting away on some lounge-tunes resounding from the white walls.

I dream about flying over hills and unexplored lands.

Some reflecting sunbeams wake me up.
Wow what a weather. Wow what a view!

Let's explore the breakfast. Ofcourse foccacia, ofcourse fantastic cappuccino.. Lovely people, I stay a while for a chat. My day starts with a smile and won't leave my face.

In front of my cave I settle myself in the sun overlooking the gorge .. a better place to work I just couldn't wish for :)


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