Euan wrote an excellent description of this lap. I'll quote it here:

"This video is taken from the 400 bhp BMW M5 Ring Taxi, driven by the legendary Sabine Schmitz. She always drives well within her own limits when taking passengers, but it's most certainly quick enough to be loads of fun.

We encounter the aftermath of an accident on the exit of Fuchsröhre - no one was seriously hurt. At Eiskurve the g-forces became too much for my camera mount, and it fell off. So the last couple of minutes are a bit shaky. On the final corner, Galgenkopf, I pointed the camera at Sabine and said "Sabine at work" to which she removed one hand from the steering wheel, started whistling and looking really bored, and steered the car round the corner at approx 120 mph/200 kmh with two fingers, and with all four tyres squealing. How we laughed!

Only one single thing overtook us on the entire lap. On the exit of Ex-Mühle, Joerund Seim overtook us on one wheel, all beautifully controlled. I watched him in the side mirror as he came up behind us, and he was on one wheel a lot longer than you see on the video. He pulled another wheelie after Bergwerk, but the camera angle and distance don't show this very well. This was his style. There are a few fleeting glimpses of him on the way up Kesselchen. For those that know him, and of his outstanding talent, there is no doubt he was taking it easy by his standards, and he was just out having some fun.

Tragically, just a few hours after this video was taken, Joerund had an accident on the circuit, caused by an earlier oil spill. He died the following morning.

My personal abiding memory of Joerund - the huge grin he would have had on his face as he overtook the Ring Taxi on one wheel.

Joerund - till we meet again"

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