So - can I take back what I said about Cambodian music last episode? When I said "sucks ass", what I really meant was, "is awesome". The music this week is like the soundtrack to some movie about kung fu-trained Catholic nuns armed with machine guns trying to save the world from the evil machinations of a Siberian prince with bad teeth.

Which, in a funny way, is exactly what this episode is about.

Though, in another, less funny but more accurate way, it has nothing whatsoever to do with this episode, as we head out from Phnom Penh to get our kicks among the ruins of Angkor Wat and interview Cambodians about police corruption.

Now: sorry to go all Bono on you, but Cambodians have a very hard lot in life. Land mines, glue sniffing, a shambolic government riddled with corruption. The poverty we were witness to in our short time there eclipses anything any of us have ever seen before (and some of us have been to Wagga Wagga). If you have an urge to donate (rather than just kidnapping the children a la Angelina Jolie), may we humbly refer you to the following sites:

The Cambodia Trust (helping out amputees, victims of polio and other physically disabled Cambodians)

Help the Cambodian Children

CamKids - The Cambodian Children's Charity

SOS Children

The PPKP Team

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