The Labor & Working Class Studies Project presents a Teach-in on "THE ECONOMICS OF THE WISCONSIN LABOR STRUGGLE." Friday, March 11, 7PM. First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI

* Monica Adams, Freedom, Inc.
* Jim Cavanaugh, South Central Federation of Labor
* Laura Dresser, Center on Wisconsin Strategy
* Patrick Hickey, Workers Rights Center
* Edo Navot, Teaching Assistants Association
* Mark Brenner, Labor Notes

With special musical guest Dan Bern

* Are public sector workers responsible for the state's fiscal crisis? Are they overcompensated?
* Who's got a vested economic interest in this fight? Who benefits? Who loses?
* What would an alternative budget that involves "shared sacrifice" look like?
* What is the relationship among unions, the economy, and inequality? How would a revitalized labor movement help all workers?

The Labor & Working Class Studies Project is a collaborative campus-labor-community initiative to connect the campus and the community in dialogue and action on issues related to labor and working class people. For more information, contact Patrick Barrett at

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