The ‘Absolutely Family’ Climate Change Concert with new topical songs, released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD or DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s third concert of the Future World & Climate Change Concert Tour 2011.
Performed in the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri on 19th February 2011 the concert includes 21 acoustic and electric songs related to the quickly changing life of humanity and planet earth, including the title song ‘Absolutely Family‘ and more great acoustic songs like ‘Twitter Topics‘, ‘Children’s Glory, The Fountain Of Youth‘, ‘Angelo Augustus‘ and ‘A German Song‘.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute touching songs like ‘Heart of Bliss‘ and ‘Greatest Power‘.

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Michel Montecrossa says:
“Family is unity. If we widen our vision it is easy to see all humanity as one family. This family too embraces many different characters so that quarrels and various points of views may arise. But if in this multitude of energies the sense for the one family is not lost the various fractions will naturally turn to dialogue, to communication and to a fundamentally peaceful attitude for solving conflicts. Multitude, variety and freedom of choice are the creative stuff out of which oneness is made and expresses itself through goodwill, cooperation, affection and love. As long as humanity and its nations does not lose sight of this original oneness in diversity there is a good chance that wars will not be chosen as the means for solving conflicts.
Every war is a lamentable failure of humanity. Every conflict solved by peaceful means is a step forward to a happy world and a better future of human unity and the living celebration of humanity. That’s why I am ‘Absolutely Family’ and I very much hope that present national and world-political conflicts will be solved through the will for peace and progress through respect for each other and the readiness to include the creative contribution of everyone in a greater harmony of nation building. Then the human family will be living and prosperous and not sick and dying. Then the human family might soon be able to manifest the United States of Planet Earth for not only solving but also ending many of the great problems humanity has to face on its evolutionary way into the future.”

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