The band at Crossroads performed R.E.M.'s classic song, "Everybody Hurts" recently and we decided we wanted to make an original video to play behind the band as they performed. I'm really happy with the look of the piece above - it's not terribly inspired, but it sets the right tone and mood, I feel.

I recorded and edited the piece in HD and then encoded it down to standard def for the weekend since our church projectors aren't HD. Since I'm still relatively new to all of this, self-trianed, and something of an idiot, it never occurred to me that detail-rich dark footage is possible in HD - but in SD is just a muddy mess. So, thirty minutes before the service I had to go in and jack with the picture levels to get something watchable. It didn't look too awful in the service, but skin tones we're a lot redder than I would have wanted.

Lesson learned.

Big thanks to Kat Vaughan for doing such a great job as my actress and to Jennifer Turner for being a very able assistant.

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