I have been learning the Unreal Development Kit (UDK) in my spare time.

Here are the first steps that I have taken, importing in static meshes from Maya (Using Actor X, type in axmesh; in the command line or the script editor.)

I'm exporting my models with all soft edges, normal maps generated in Maya, Green channel on normal map is flipped, then export with default settings.

Now make sure when you import your normal maps into UDK to choose a compression type of normal map or uncompressed normal map, other wise you will get really bad normal map seams.

Also if your static mesh is going to have a lightmap baked using lightmass make sure to add a second UV set in Maya for the light map. Make sure that all UV's are in the 0-1 space, all UV shells can be pushed to the border edge of the 0-1 space, but you must give a large pixel padding around all of your UV islands.

Another thing to watch out for is to make sure none of your UV's are backwards (they make sense in terms of where they are in the world space, left has to be left, right has to be right and up and down has to be up and down.)

Also make sure you have no overlapping UV's. Hope these little tips helps you out, because I was banning my head for about 2 weeks trying to get rid of really bad normal map seams.


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