“A pleasing indie romantic comedy... unpretentiously well-turned” – Variety

“Full of charm and spirit. Fans of such films as “Knocked Up” or “40 Year Old Virgin” would feel right at home with this story, but at the same time there is a subtlety and self respect which comedies of that style often lack.” – Rogue Cinema

"When a romantic comedy comes along, makes you smile ear to ear, and truly allows you to fall in love with each and every character you meet, it is an absolute revelation. That’s exactly what Ryan Sage’s new film, Worth The Weight is." – Criterioncast

BEST FEATURE - AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD | Beverly Hills Film Festival 2012

BEST FEATURE - COMEDY | Manhattan Film Festival 2012

BREAKOUT FILMMAKER AWARD | Newport Beach Film Festival 2012

From a script bought off Craigslist for $500, Director Ryan Sage has sculpted a truly unique romantic comedy. Sam is a former college football star whose chance to play in the NFL abruptly ends with a blown out knee. Seven years later, he finds himself alone, working a minimum wage job and weighing a deadly 413lbs. The time has come for some change! The time has come for some weight loss! Enter Cassie, a personal trainer who not only helps him lose weight but find love. Steering clear of the standard transformation formula seen on many current television shows such as, "Biggest Loser," Sam finds acceptance - and love - in unexpected places.

Robbie Kaller
Jillian Leigh
Tommy Snider
Constance Reese
Bryan Bellomo
Jacquelyn Umof
Jess Allen

Directed by Ryan Sage
Produced by Kristina Denton
Written by Dale Zawada
Photography by Stephen Sheridan
Music by John DeBorde
Animation by Mark Farinas

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