Lonely Guy - Directed by Stephen Reedy

We here at Zerofriends understand some of the variable loneliness that we all feel. Which is why we wanted to reassure you that, though you may not know it, we supply you with a little extra cure for loneliness. Every one of our shirts is an individual living being, and every one of our shirts loves being wrapped around your torso, and loves listening to your stories. Every one of our shirts loves watching the movies you watch. Loves tasting the mustard that falls from a random bite of food. Loves sleeping on your floor next to you while you are in bed. Loves traveling with you, and basically....just loves being AROUND you.

And on that note, here's a little love letter to loneliness from us and Zerofriends' resident filmmaker, the amazing Stephen Reedy. Check it out, and then maybe head on over to Zerofriends.com and grab a little torso-friend or 2. And remember, if you have ZEROFRIENDS, you always have at least ONE.

Lonely Guy: Kirk Diedrich

Director/Writer/Producer/Editor: Stephen Reedy
Director of Photography: Chris Saul

Sound Engineer: Rich Arenas
Voice: Gareth Berrow

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