Generative real-time audio-visual installation for 3 screens and stereo audio system.

Created by ujif_notfound and v4w.enko.

"Algorithm - a finite set of rules that determine the sequence of operations to solve a specific set of goals and has five important properties: finiteness, definiteness, input, output, efficiency. When a set of rules defining the sequence of operations, received the degree of variability - the important properties of this set can be reversed. If there are some complex of variative algorithms with a set of rules and these rules are consisting from variative algorithms - this structure can give a birth of new system wich have quite differ properties - an Organism.

Algorithm. The word "algorithm" occurs on behalf of scientist Abu Abdullah Mohammed ibn Musa al-Horezmi (algorithm — al-Horezmi). About 825 years he has written the composition in which for the first time has given the description of the item decimal notation thought up in India. Since then algorithm definition has undergone set of changes, but uniform "true" definition of concept "algorithm" isn't present, as well as there is no final understanding of concept "life". Life and algorithm inseparably linked concepts. The certain set of algorithms leads to creation of new life.
Life - is algorithm in which basis is the great process of self-organizing, described in 1952 with Alan Tjuring in his work «Chemical bases of a morphogenesis». This work postulated presence of chemical signals and physical and chemical processes such as diffusion, activation and deactivation, in the course of growth of cells and organisms. How do embryo cells know, that exactly in this way it`s necessary to self generate, to accept such form and to bear in a consequence strictly certain functions in a human body? Here to be concealed great secret of Life as real life miracle. Secret of perfect algorithm of all real, transforming the Universe in a uniform Organism."


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