"Guttari kuma rionette", which literally translates as "exhausted bear rionette", a project by Tokyo Joshi, is an interactive signage using virtual bear that repeats your motion. This work is being exhibited at Tokyo Joshi Project WHY DON'T YOU PINK? event tokyojoshi.com/pinkex/ from March 3 through March 27, 2011.

Once you start posing in front of the signage frame, the bear's character will start moving in-sync with your pose. It also uses basic phrases such as greeting by saying "welcome, you are guest number XX", "that's a weird pose!" in Japanese depending on person and time. These phrases are sent as real-time tweets to Twitter under account @kumarionette.

ぐったりくまリオネットは、あなたの動きでぐったりくまちゃん(by東京女子プロジェクト)を操ることができるインタラクティブサイネージです。2011.3.3~2-2011.3.27開催の東京女子プロジェクト WHY DON'T YOU PINK?展 tokyojoshi.com/pinkex/ にて出展しました。

操られたキャラクターは「いらっしゃい。あなたで〇〇人目だよ」「なにそれ!変なポーズ!」と人や時間に合わせてつぶやきます。つぶやきはリアルタイムでTwitterと連動しています。 @kumarionette

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