The new video from studio Neue Big, directed by Virgilio Villoresi is freely inspired by the new Moleskine collections, a full set of tools ( for accompaniying your everyday and extraordinary experiences. 

Videomaker's comment: "The video was filmed with forced perspective and a number of small photographs have been employed to recreate scenes in depth of field. The actor finds himself in a world of photographs, miniature objects and in each scene he picks up an object from the new Moleskine collections ( that is camouflaged in the photographs.

Creative Studio: Neue Big

Project management: Daniela Berto
Written,directed and performed by Virgilio Villoresi

Photography: Corrado Zacchi

Music: Giuseppe Facchinetti
Assistent director: Marco Puccini, Carlo Cossignani, Giulia Venturini and Alessandro Mensi (Gelatin man)

Scenography: Vivi Ponti, Virgilio Villoresi

Copy: Cosimo Bizzarri

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