knees squirm inside mothers womb
it’s hot in here
first the memories form
then the days
hands indistinct
nails tender
hair growing by the moment

she hears a whisper
so ears are formed
takes her hand to it
to introduce one another
thank you to make me whole

a hole below
a squirrel inside
belly still opaque
ones that look are not eyes
dear mother
I must first
get old

a force is making it go forward
what’s going on
it’s very narrow here
the wet meat that sucks me

vagina in pain
it never happened before
a new squirrel appears
too soon to rejoice
first have to feel gaff

its mother tearful
its outside

am I ready
is this the end

first one must see
the others blood on itself

no mirrors in the forest
afraid to look into the water
in his dream the water feels him inside

very big
very small

new squirrel
old mountain

dancer ilyas odman gizem erden ezo ergen
costume umit unal
eye effect berkay ferah

original file 4'45''

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