Once again Una Burke, notorious for her incredible leather statue like garments, and Andreas have teamed up to create something beautiful. This most recent collection of sculptural accessories and armour like body pieces investigates the changes that occur when prosthetic limbs and medical braces are applied to a body.
In the research stages of this project Úna was struck by a series images called “Beautiful Pictures”. These were developed by the disabled artist Nicola Lane in 2001 for an installation called Aesthetics of Prosthetics.


Designer: Úna Burke
Director: Andreas Waldschuetz & Adia Trischler
Cinematography: Volkmar Geiblinger, Andreas Waldschuetz
Creative Director: Adia Trischler
Story/Script: Adia Trischler
Make-up Artist/SFX Make-up/Naildesign: Steffi Lamm
Hairstylist/Colorist: Patrick Glatthaar
Stylist: Adia Trischler
Styling Assistance: Asta Krejci-Sebesta
Gaffer/Assistant of Photography: Marlena Koenig
Best Boy: Thomas Rath
Set Design: Andreas Waldschuetz
Production Manager: Steffi Lamm
Locationscout: Steffi Lamm
Catering: Hansi Lamm
Technician: Fredi Lamm
Editor: Andreas Waldschuetz
Video-&Postproduction: Thomas Rath
Digital Imaging & Retouching: Christian Friedrich
Sound Design & Music Production: Zanshin (Gregor Ladenhauf)
Assistant Sound Design: Stefan Trischler
Making-of: Volkmar Geiblinger/Marlena Koenig
Head of Photography: Andreas Waldschuetz
Collodion Wetplate Photography: Stefan Sappert

Cast: Kamila Baczyk @ lookmodels international inc.
The Group of 5: Leonhard Lass/Alex Rath/Daniela Zacherl @ AMT Wien, Gregor Ladenhauf/Adia Trischler

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