This is the final version of the 13th issue in my series "For Your CONsideration" produced for a 10pm slot each Friday on a Northern California Public Access station, MCTV in Fort Bragg, CA.

This show explores the recent People's revolution in Egypt. The revolt is covered from many angles, ranging from BBC news, Al-Jazeera and Russia Today to laugh breaks with John Stewart and Dave Letterman. I've included snippets from famous Egyptian cinema classics, western stereotypes of Egyptian culture and even an authentic Egyptian "National Enquirer" moment. Mumia Abu-Jamal offers his insights from death row and many other unique youtube tributes to Egyptian courage round out the half hour show.

My series For Your Consideration is a conceptual video program that is an attempt to choose a topic and within a four week period research, collect material, sift through the most relevant video clips and ultimately edit together a compelling 1/2 hour of video. Throughout the months time I collect new material, consider feedback of initial versions and finalize after the 4th week. Each show contains at least one medley of songs that I illustrate with video, each show has material from cartoons, feature films, Youtube and documentaries. In creating this series I use a technique much like collage art/found object but I apply this principle to video and use the internet as my source of magazines and newspapers, etc.

Ultimately,I hope for the final project to be a sort of surreal poem. I try and include material that I both resonate with and material that challenges me. The idea is to consider a multi-faceted topic from many angles and to produce moments of irony, humor and education.

The copyrighted material I choose is borrowed for the reasons of educational and artistic expression, and not for material or financial gain. A symbol such as Mickey Mouse, for instance,is one of the most highly protected and copyrighted images ever created. Throughout time this icon becomes a cultural shared metaphor,that I believe "WE the PEOPLE" own as well as Disney in the sense we grew up with it, we have referenced it in conversation in order to express ourselves, we may even tie important life events and childhood nostalgia to the symbol.
So, it is my belief that copyright issues on most levels only make the rich richer and snatch away important cultural icons that can and should be used to debate and comment on our "Brave New World".

If you have questions or want to offer feedback, please contact me at

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