Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Molly Basler, conducts a group fitness/wellness class at the Wheel of Wellbeing in Los Angeles, California. Molly views teaching as an opportunity to be of service to the world around her by helping people get truly fit and feel fantastic. She has studied with Billy Blanks, Richard Simmons, Michael Carson, and Rosalind Ruesga. Throughout her career, Molly has taught Sculpt, Cardio-Pump, Booty Blaster, and CoreCardio Ball, and now incorporates the best of those elements into her unique InsideOut Fitness/Wellness workouts. You will find this video an energizing affirmation tool that supports the efforts toward balanced health and wellness in body and mind.

Filmed at the Wheel of Wellbeing in Westwood (Los Angeles), California for a joint project with Molly Basler and Ultra Fitness Dynamics Co-produced by Diamond Media Solution and Bob Barron

Music composed and produced by Tristan Tyrcha

"High Thoughts of health and beauty manifest as my body temple."

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