The Mercury Seven - ambient electronic music, largely improvised. Fans of Cluster, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Vidna Obmana, Eleven Shadows, Harmonia, Stars of the Lid, Ezekiel Honig, Mogwai, GSY!BE and other avant-garde electronic music may enjoy The Mercury Seven.

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The Mercury Seven is Christopher Echols (synthesizers/bass guitar/percussion) + Ken Lee (synthesizers/electric guitar/piano/percussion/voice).

Additional contributions from:
Max Ofitserov (acoustic guitar/vocals)
Adam von Passow (acoustic guitar/noises)
Dennis Chang (drums)
Laura Shumate (loops)

This song is from the album "mcmlvii"

1.) Ideation I (Echols + Lee) 7:00 (video from “Assignment Outer Space”)
2.) Tyuratam (Echols + Lee + Ofitserov) 4:34 (video from NASA film “Gemini XII Mission”)
3.) The Chief Designer ((Echols + Lee + Ofitserov + Chang) 3:48 (video from NASA film “History Of Space Travel, Episode 3”)
4.) The Pull of Gravity (Echols + Lee + Shumate) 2:03 (video from NASA film “Gemini XII Mission”)
5.) Orbiting Prayers (Echols + Lee + Ofitserov) 4:03 (video clips from “Assignment Outer Space”)
6.)TV3 (Echols + Lee + von Passow) 3:06 (video from “Assignment Outer Space”)
7.) Ideation 2 (Echols + Lee + von Passow) 7:03 (video from NASA film “Mastery Of Space”
8.) mcmlvii (Echols + Lee + Ofitserov) 5:00 (video from “Destination Moon” and “Rocky Jones: Space Ranger 'Beyond The Curtain Of Space”)
9.) The Rocket Scientist (Echols + Lee + von Passow) 8:00 (video from NASA film “History Of Space Travel, Episode 3”)
10.) Fellow Traveler (Echols + Lee + von Passow) 4:00 (video from NASA film “sts-104day12c” (orbital sunrise)

Produced and engineered by Ken Lee and Christopher Echols. Recorded at Blueberry Buddha Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA. Acoustic piano recorded at Caltech Recording Studio in Pasadena, CA. Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio at Gench Studios, San Francisco, CA. Album cover by Christopher Echols.

(c) (p) 2010 strange astronaut music + bmi and eleven shadows music, bmi

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