Some of the camera work of sam Morgan Moore

Corporate and event coverage footage.

Mainly shot as a lone operator (no crew, self directing) with small digital cameras

This is a work in progress , will probably change chop and add in the near future

I have let some of the sequences breath a little to show the shots in their context

The intention is to see the context of the shots a little

Music from


Geek tech notes

Much shot handheld on my camera rig with a canon 5d 24-105 lens and LCDVF

The slide across the coastal scene is tripod on two legs

The building shots are a nikon D3 and nikkor 14mm and canon 5d on a Blackbird handheld stabilizer

The polo sequence is 60p canon 7d with a nikkor 400 2.8 in the main

The fencing I used a 5d on sticks and a sony EX1 handheld, choosing the sony for the bigger zoom range on the live event where I could not block the audience

The skating shots I did not operate but instructed an experienced skater in the aquisition of the shots using my canon 7d on a 'cine rig'

The final sequence we see handheld and small stabiliser, shots, closing with my homemade 'board cam'

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