"Fish, Father, Phoenix" is the second piece of a triptych exploring the process of aging, man’s place in the natural world, and transcendental anxiety.

Experimenting with the context and tone of cut-up samples of my father’s voice and mixed with a varied palette of nature sounds recorded while traveling Africa and Botswana, this piece looks to explore the polar perceptions of life’s natural cycles, and to discover the inter-being of nature’s two-sided coin.

I chose this title based on research I was doing in Manly P. Hall’s, “The Secret Teachings of All Ages”.
Hall speaks of the fish as being traditionally held as the symbol of the life germ. Spiritually, it represents the force of life and the potential for creation and change. Scientifically, it represents the lower level of evolution. In many ancient cultures, when used in the negative, the fish represented man’s own lower nature.

“Father”, represents my own, as the piece is dedicated to him; but on a larger scale, it symbolizes man’s present state and the suggestion of a continuum.

The mythological “Phoenix”, represents the unknown, the next plane, future, rebirth, transcendence, etc.
Past, Present, Future—Fish, Father, Phoenix.”

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