“Original Innocence” is a new rock opera conceived by Dave Nuss and Eric Sanders.

This video is made possible, in part, through support from Meet the Composer - Creative Connections.

A traveling troupe of performers from a new religious sect dramatically depict their theology in a tent-meeting style ‘passion play’ about the creation of the world. While their tale includes familiar characters from the Biblical narrative — Adam, Eva, Lucifer, and Satan — their myth explores more ‘Eastern’ spiritual concepts of liberation and enlightenment, redefining humanity not as corrupted by but born from ‘original sin.’ The narrative tells of the pre-historical mythology of our world, offering a tale of Adam and Eva’s ‘first love’ in which their ‘sin’ ultimately leads to our ‘salvation’: the beginning of our human existence and ability to love.

More info at issueprojectroom.org

Video by Blair Neal.

Musical footage from an acoustic preview at "The Symposium on Creation Mythology."

"Original Innocence"
Music/Lyrics/Writer: Dave Nuss
Writer: Eric Sanders
Director: Pat Diamond
Stage Manager: Samantha Gallardo
Choreographer: Deborah Lohse
Costume Consultant: Camille Assaf
Lighting Consultant: Brian Tovar
Featuring: Stephen Bel Davies, Nick Houhoulis, Christiana Little, Sara Martin, Kevin Reed, Scoop Slone, Stephanie Tennill, and Meggan Utech
Guitar: Anders Nilsson
Bass: Dan Shuman
Drums: Dave Nuss
Art: Kim Seltzer and Adam Doyle

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