This creature is the result of the modern city.

This creature is the remains of everything that doesn´t work; the anti-urban, the reverse of the city.

The opposite of something only exists in reference to that very something; therefore this creature depart and feed from the city in order to exist.

Nevertheless this creature in reversed position does not oppose the city, yet it has no personal opinion; she walks as lonely parallel and experience what is a failure in modern society.

she created by everything that was produced but was abandoned by the city. The joining of all such things becomes a living creature who is not exactly hostile, but a mere flux of emotion without judgment.

Its birth may happen in many ways: from a block of concrete that has become alive as well from a great amount of chorume that has been accumulated, or even from a being that lives an intrinsic relationship with the error of the city.

Are the drones that inhabit the cities during the day better than the vermin that inhabit the city by night? They are all products of the same city. Some succeed while others fail. and the failure is always a success in a different way.

Creation of Isadora frost

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