"A short skate video based on the the everyday events of up and coming skaters in New York City *… filmed over the summer of 2001 *."
Produced and Edited by Kerel Roach *. Adrian Lopez * of New York City, Executive Producer. Released 2001 by Capicu Productions *. Running time 20 minutes.

Featuring the skating of Barry Scott, Scot Schwartz, Harold Hunter *, Quim Cardona *, Danny Falla, Jake Lewis, Nolan Lee, with Rodney Torres *, Bobby Puleo *, Pat Smith *, Burthon Smith, Mike Wright, Kerel Roach, Geo Moya *, Akira, Rob Cambell, Louie Louie, Chauncey, Sho Ma, Uris, La Rubia (aka Carlito), Paulie "Knuckles", and Shea Gonyo.

Watching this video, I realized that what makes a skate video fun to watch isn't just the skating, it's the mood and pace that contribute to the overall experience too. Like many skateboard videos, Remedy begins with a humorous tone, in this case with a series of vignettes of various locals encountered, and continues with a parade of skateboard, party, and street antics.

Especially poignant are clips of skating with the bottom of the World Trade Center prominently in the background. WTC RIP. There is an almost refreshing lack of Tony Hawk * or Danny Way * style big-ramp and insane obstacle skateboarding, but that doesn't mean the skateboarding's easy, though-- the heft and weight of this video is in the skating.

The video seemed to convey a mellow and yet hard east coast skate style seldom found in Cali, unfortunately replete with a little harrasment and abuse by, and of, the public.

As is so often the case with skate videos, after watching Remedy, I was left with the two feelings that 1) there are a lot of skateboard videos these days, and 2) I should go out and skate!

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