This is the aQuarius, a Tablet PC developed by ME that brings all kinds of PHYSICAL stores & services from your own city to your hands. No Long Lines No traffic. The And the user can order and pay for products/services that are available in its own city, even neighborhood, stimulating the economy around and avoiding waste of time,fuel gas,plastic bags... It's GREEN!
User can even make money with it just inviting the owner of the store, service or even that pet shop he's a loyal customer, to join the Evolua System and setup its Store at Evolua Store SetUp webpage, so the store will be available through all devices connected to the Evolua including the aQuarius. The user, which invited the retailer to the setup webpage, will have a percentage of the all sales...
PLUS, it is the most powerful Tablet PC. You can do anything you already do with a desktop computer(.Net plataform), it's faster than the Apple Ipad and anybody can develope application for it using any kind of language.
Watch the video and you will see.
The project needs a plastic mold and injection mold is quite expensive. Funding the manufacturing & distributing a new product innovative like this is our dream. then we need a your help guys.
By the way, i'm moving to America to start the startup over there. If you wanna join and make a team. Let's do it.
for more informations about the aQuarius:

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