Trailer of Documentary Feature 'El Elefante Blanco'
Mexico/Germany, HD 16:9

Mercado Adolfo Lopez Mateos: 6000 merchants, 9000 customers. Each and every day. A gigantic market somewhere in Mexico: An emporium, living space, curse and chance at the same time. A film about life and death and the Mexican soul.
Facebook: El Elefante Blanco

Trailer Length 2'10"

achtung berlin - new berlin film award 2011
DOK Market - DOK Leipzig Film Festival for Documentary and Animated Film
Oaxaca International Independent Film and Video Festival
MICCBO 2012 - Ciudad de Bogotá International Film Screening
18th Shanghai TV Festival 2012
5th Radar International Independent Film Festival, Hamburg
19th Austin Film Festival (Shortlist)

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