I had a little bit of extra time on my hands this weekend and thought I'd attempt to catch the super moon on it's path across the sky.

Initially, I was a little upset with the fact that I didn't have a clear shot of the moon - from my vantage point, it was rising almost directly behind a stand of trees.

Fortunately, because the moon was so bright and because I had to stop the camera down so far, the foreground foliage actually gave the piece a bit of an etherial effect, with branches and buds appearing and disappearing across the face of the moon as it traveled across the sky.

I ran the camera underclocked but wasn't totally happy with the speed of the footage when I reviewed it, so I went ahead and doubled the speed of everything in post.

Actually fairly happy with how this turned out. Enjoy!

Shot on an HVX-200A with the 2 frame/second settings hack installed.

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