Warning: IFL members are using a rare and comparatively radical tactic not often called upon these days. One which Elijah used against the prophets of Baal, Paul used against those at Mars Hill, and yes, Jesus Christ used on numerous occasions to the evil and lost....godly sarcastic mockery.

This video shows us playing the role of godless pro-aborts thereby answering fools according to their folly. The references to Naziism are because the founders of Planned Parenthood were staunch Nazi eugenicists.

Our tone and zeal is that of men (and women) of God zealous for life and preaching amongst the most abominable crowd of baby killing supporters. This calls for strong and harsh rebuke. Though notice our change of tone when we speak one-on-one to honest souls inquiring truth.

"God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble." -James 4:6

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