Eighty percent of Fiji's people live on the coast and rely heavily on marine resources for their livelihoods. With increasing population and demand for these resources, Fiji's marine environment continues to be threatened by overfishing. The adoption of marine managed areas in local communities is now helping them to address this problem.

Since 2000, more than 300 customary fishing grounds in Fiji have been set up as "tabu" or locally managed areas covering almost thirty percent of Fiji's inshore areas. Many communities are beginning to witness the benefits that marine tabus or managed areas are providing.

This video highlights some of the work that the Science-to-Action partnership is conducting in Fiji in a search to determine how effective existing marine managed areas are both for local communities and for the marine ecosystem.

The Science-to-Action partnership includes more than 75 organizations led by Conservation International. Science-to-Action is dedicated to sustaining the health of coastal and marine ecosystems and the well-being of people who depend on them. For more information about this global learning network, visit sciencetoaction.org.

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