A show by Osmosis Cie during the last Street's Artists Festival in Aurillac (France)

Le spectacle ’ALHAMBRA CONTAINER’ aborde ce sujet tragique de l’exil, d’un monde en mouvement entre rêve, espoir, désillusion. Il dépeint cette confrontation au réel, à une vie meilleure. Invitation à une rencontre de l’imaginaire et du réel, de la tradition et de la modernité, de la fiction et du documentaire.

Trois parcours entre Sud, Est et Nord. Trois ages, trois corps face à leur espoir, illusion, désillusion emportés par la rencontre de trois voix s’inspirant d’une tradition vocale forte de chaque culture à l’Est, au Sud et au Nord de notre Europe.

Trois conteneurs pour ’biens’ -objet industriel symbole de notre mondialisation, ‘valeur marchande’- sont déposés au sein de l’espace public de la ville ; Boites à ‘rêve’, boites de Pandore qui vont s’ouvrir… Offrir trois vies, trois âges à nos regards.

The ‘ALHAMBRA CONTAINER’ show tackles the tragic subject of exile, a world in movement between dreams and disillusionment.
It depicts this confrontation with reality, this search for a better life.
After the ‘TRANSIT’ production, the spectacular motionless journey of a lorry and its trailer, the choreographer Ali Salmi really
wanted to explore the precious moment of arrival, once you’re there at last, finally “disembarked”.
Three goods containers—industrial objects that symbolise our globalisation—are deposited in the heart of the public area using
three fork-lift trucks. Dream Boxes, Pandora’s Boxes that will open up… and show us three bodies, three lives, three ages; having
travelled from the South, the East and the North, facing their hopes and their disenchantment too…swept away by the meeting
of three voices stamped with their own vocal and cultural traditions from Eastern, Southern and Northern Europe.
The raw material is the body in movement—physical engagement, sounds, and video images—which becomes involved in a sensitive
choreographic ballet on the scale, and in the heart of, the town, between immobility and movement, chimeras and reality.
It is an invitation to a meeting between the imaginary and the real, between tradition and modernity, between fiction and
documentary, through the body contact of machines and of humans, between the world and humanity in movement.


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