Welcome to the first episode of Quest for the Indie Tube from Reel Groovy Films! I am a co-producer of this series.

About Quest for the Indie Tube: Dr. Alexander Lewis, sustained only by art house love, attempts to save the world from dumbed-down television created by the Dark Programmer in "Quest for the Indie Tube."

About Season 1: This epic "webisode" series revolves around an eccentric Inventor and his android machines, who are on a "steam-punk" quest to secure the "Indie Tube" - a magical talisman that may be used for forces of good or evil.

About Episode I: The first episode of Season 1, Quest for the Indie Tube, takes a methodical and artistic look at an eerie abandoned fort, some androids, and an odd inventor who is not only trapped inside his own world, but the world outside as well.

The flavor of this series could be described as a steampunk Dr. Who that meets Quai Chang Caine, which has allowed us to incorporate science fiction, metaphysical spirituality, and a touch of German Expressionism. The main idea is to create artistic and inspirational entertainment that takes the audience beyond mainstream programming.

For more info and to see a higher quality download, go to: questfortheindietube.com

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