My documentary shows the creation of a sculpture in clay. The ceramicist is Dag Bratbergsengen.
He lives in Notodden, my home town in Norway. Even though this is a film about an object I found it very
important to convey some of his views on what he is doing. For him the creation and creative process
is as important as the finished piece. It is also very important that through this process he uses all of his
senses. His special connection with the clay is central in my finish piece.

In the time we were there he made two sculptures one during the day and one after dark. This
creates an understanding of how clay appears in different environments. It also gives you a slight insight into how the artist works.

The documentary is quite conventional in its structure but I have worked towards a more spiritual
message. This is especially clear through the music, some of the long shots and the way I use focus. Through
the first half of my film the film has only natural sounds. This helps you to get to know his studio and
see which conditions he is working under. It also makes the music later much stronger. The
music is a song normally used in yoga and has a very spiritual sense to it. It helps me convey the artist's

The biggest inspirations for this documentary are the artist himself and my mum who also works a
lot with clay.

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