"A Refreshing Taste Of Beauty: Coca-Cola 2011"
Sharing is caring + refreshing with Coca Cola

Duration: 1:026 sec. Full-HD Colour video, stereo sound

Produced & Directed by Gregory Stennatt MA

Based on the storyboard: Sharing = Caring + Refreshing: A Refreshing Taste Of Beauty, Japan 2011 -The refreshing qualities of CocaCola vs. Onsen CM Japan


List of Credits:

Actress/Model: Maya Murofushi (Miss World Super Model 2010)

Actress: Megumi Haga

Extras: Takako Hotta

1st Camera: Hitoshi Iwakiri

2nd Camera: Jin Ji-Hui Francis

Direction of photography: Gregory Stennatt

Soundtrack: Catz Fusegi

Editor: Gregory Stennatt

Casting: Experimental Art Syndicate Tokyo (EAST).

Location services: Blue Bongo X Bus
Financial support: Stennatt&Sons Japan

Special Thanks:

Nakamura Keith Haring Musuem
Tatsuya Arai
Maya Murofushi
Megumi Haga
Takako Hotta
Catz Fusegi
Joe Asano
Hitoshi Iwakiri
Lighting: Jah Burning Sun
Location: Nakamura Keith Haring Musuem

Production dates: (not including pre-production) Yamanashi-ken

February 19th - March 21st 2011 Tokyo
All rights reserved by Gregory Stennatt
All inquires mail to: eastproject2008@gmail.com

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