Blomqvist, 2011
Super8 transferred to video,
3:11 min.

Pissourios takes visual notes of encounters with places; the way activity is inscribed on buildings and nature, the tactility of the environment, the way bodies and movement map out a place. A woman bodily occupies the courtyard of a disused public building complex from the late 60's in Cyprus. Her gestures predispose for an action that never reaches a climax; there is only an orientation towards an oneiric state. The choreographed movement meets with the architectural environment and empties out the space, reclaiming it as an ideal backdrop for an action in progress. The process stems from direct observation but the visual result moves beyond description, alienated from the present, deprived of a concrete duration and set on the threshold of day-dream and playfulness. In a state of suspended viewing, we float in between imagination and memory.

the film is based on a photoshoot by Hanna Putz

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