"The basic idea was to draw miscellaneous figures with their hands holding each other as tight as they could at the moment of reunion, making a sphere-like shape together, which I also hoped to represent connection and compassion I have received from all over the world. And even though this might be a little "one" to start with in front of massive damage, hopefully together we can become "ONE" to make a difference.

“In the aftermath of the ongoing tragedy in Japan, I was so anxious that I had a hard time focusing on painting. Although I originally would have liked to make something more uplifting or encouraging, the event was simply too devastating, with the death toll of tens of thousands and millions suffering right now.

This piece is dedicated to all of the survivors and to those that have lost their lives.” - Patrick Awa

-------------------- About the Artist --------------------

"I am Japanese who was born in the States but grew up in Tokyo, and it was especially terrifying for me until I finally got a hold of my family in Tokyo and confirmed their safety. Despite the size of this sad and devastating event, luckily Tokyo only suffers moderate damage so far, but the north-east area is revealing way worse truth and grief day by day. Since I am unfortunately not a trained doctor or rescuer to be able to help them right away, I would like to seek a few other ways as an artist to be a small help in any regards/degrees for survivors and situation there."

- Patrick Awa; 1xrun.com/runs/Anonymous_Hug

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